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    Ultrasonic fragrance diffuser with fireplace effect, warm yellow LED lighting , large 200 ml tank, dual operating modes, continuous or intermittent (15-20 hours), automatic safety shut-off.
    Essentia Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser with REAL SALT CRYSTALS

    Fragrance diffuser and ultrasonic humidifier with real Himalayan salt crystals , LED lighting in 7 colors, 400 ml tank, continuous or intermittent operation (up to 24 hours of operation ), with charging cable for battery operation ( it also works without a cable to be conveniently positioned anywhere in the house ), automatic safety switch-off.

    Essentia FLAME series ultrasonic essential oil diffuser


    Essential Oil Diffuser ultrasound system in HAND PEARLED GLASS

    • in hand-blown pearl glass
    • lighting with warm white light
    • 100 ml tank ( up to 8 hours of operation )
    • dual operating modes (continuous or intermittent)
    • automatic safety shutdown.
    EFFECTIVE DIFFUSION: There professional ultrasound technology, invisible and silent, it creates very rapid vibrations capable of mixing water with essence, quickly diffusing them into the environment in the form of perfumed mist.
    This cold technology allows you to spread the essential oils without the use of heat, so as not to alter the chemical-physical characteristics of the active ingredients contained and to prevent the beneficial properties from being cancelled. Professional ultrasonic essential oil diffusers are able to split water and essential oil molecules into tiny particles, which are easily diffused into the environment and absorbed by the body via alveolar exchange in the lungs.

    ENVIRONMENTAL MICRO HUMIDIFICATION: The essences are diffused in a totally natural way, without burning them but hydrating them, creating a healthy environmental micro-humidification and eliminating any irritating effects of essential oils on the respiratory tract.
    10 products
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