Sanitizing sprays (rooms, fabrics and surfaces)

Apr 4, 2024

Super-concentrated room and fabric spray with sanitizing action.

Natural essences of the highest quality , free of toxic and carcinogenic substances, persistent over time and suitable for scent every room and surface, fabric and curtains , your home, your car and for various uses. Eliminates bad odors , diffusing notes of perfume.

Also ideal for cleaning and dusting furniture, fixtures, kitchen worktops, stainless steel, bathroom and various objects, revive potpourri, vacuum cleaner filters, dehumidifiers, iron water... leaving a pleasant scent.

Available in fragrances: White Musk / Talc / Cotton Flower / Lavender / Vanilla and Cashmere / Fern / Lotus Flower / Jasmin / Citrus and Orange Blossom / Argan.