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    Deo Fabric Spray Fabric fresheners : 250 ml bottle with silver spray pump

    l Deo Tessuti Essentia perfumes for clothes, they are CERTIFIED to be used on any type of fabric, even the most delicate such as silk and cashmere. Recommended for revitalizing and perfuming clothing, fabrics, curtains, sofas, car interiors and any environment. They do not stain or leave streaks. They also contain molecules that NEUTRALIZE bad odors.

    How to use : Spray the clothes perfume evenly on the fabrics from a distance of approximately 30 cm.

    “Because nature is not just a place to visit, but it is feeling at home immersed in its scents"

    5 unique fragrances designed to perfume fabrics, from clothes to curtains, carpets, sofa covers, sheets...

    They give a feeling of well-being and freshness of the laundry and are useful in fight bacteria and unpleasant odors . Essentia fabric fragrances are made with concentrated essential oils of the highest quality. A spray of fabric perfume of the chosen fragrance is enough to give clothes and fabrics a delicate but persistent scent.

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